Men’s Swimsuits

2-17-16 Swimsuits have changed, in my mind, for the better. You do not know how relieved I am that men no longer wear Speedos, except one really old dude at the Fitness center who thinks he has a hot body circa 1980. YIKES. The young guys all wear real long swimsuits, almost to their knees. Most exercise in the gym in their swimsuits, also. At the same time, women and men are realizing it is more comfortable to be modest rather than naked. Women have noticed that the lady the guys watch at the swimming pool is a shapely Muslim woman who wears a hooded suit that covers her from wrist to ankle. If she can wear that and turn heads, no one needs to be naked to feel okay.

I am sure these men swimsuits are easily available at the local box stores and discount houses, but what if you are a bit larger than XL?  Well if you have Amazon Prime shipping, there are decent selections of all kinds of men’s swimsuits, size 4x and 5x for about 25 dollars, on Amazon. Most the heavy men wear the Kanu Surf type style, that look like surfboarding type shorts.

Kanu Surf style suit -5x Big
A SolarTex Jammer in 7X


Some of the better and “cooler” men swimmers are wearing a tighter, form fitting almost wetsuit tight swim suit usually referred to as a jammer, which do not look so bad on bigger people though are less available. The above is from a non-Amazon website called SolarTex .  They also have swim shirts and things for easily sunburned swimmers. One shorter pool swimmer had his shorts so tight, he kind of bulged his stomach over it. Too tight clothing is never attractive, and it most certainly doesn’t conceal a bulgy abdomen. This man needed at least two sizes larger.   I wonder if he accidentally ordered Asian clothing on the internet.  An Asian XXL would be an L (large) in the USA, a Asian L would be a S(small) in the USA. Amazon Prime carries products from distant locations.   Be careful and check for Asian sizing. Men and women wear “jammers” and I was surprised that the links are for both, unisex, especially in the plus sizes.

I have noticed a group of women at the track wearing mens swimsuits to work out in. One woman, when questioned said she buys swim tops on sale at the end of the summer. She buys mens swimsuits because they are less expensive than the bottom half of a woman’s suit. She buys a lot of them on sale and “stocks up” and works out in them on the track and fitness machines in a T-shirt,. Then in a moment, she can shower and swim. Her suit would be a very short swimsuit on a guy, but was much more modest than most women swimsuit bottoms. Creativity is needed by everyone to survive the swimsuit game, whether you have a standard body or one that is unique.  Men, for instance, may find shorts that work better as swimwear than actual suits.

There is an inseam length given in catalog sales of shorts and swimsuits. The old short short style men swimsuits were about six or eight. Women can have very short boxer short inseams, even 3 and 4 inch. Men should look for long inseams if they are tall and want shorts to their knees. At least ten inches, hopefully 12 or 14. You can measure this in actual inches, so just don’t assume.  Measure your leg and your favorite pair of shorts or boxer inseam.

With Amazon Prime, and the internet on your side, you have what you need. Figure out what you want, and go find it. Just do not be afraid to get some real honest measurements, with a tape measure, before you order. Most swimwear ordering has a suggestion for measurement. If you happen to have any measurements that are larger than standard 48 inch tape measures, there are inexpensive 60 inch tape measures at fabric stores. Have someone help you with a variety of measurements. For men you should know your neck and sleeve for shirts, waist and inseam for shorts and pants, and sleeve length.  Sometimes a good men’s clothing shop will help you measure, say if you are fitting up for a wedding. Write your numbers down on a wallet card, or on your  phone note.  Update them when your body changes. This will help you with online shopping. An effort at accurate measurement WILL save you cash wasted on badly fitted clothing.