Been A While

I am a snowflake.  I melt easily.  However, it was not Trump, who overheated me but Hillary. I was ready to give up blogging entirely if her kleptocracy came into full power. If that happened, I felt I should basically  live like mole.  She was not elected. All was not safe, but I am peaking out of my hole, and maybe will do what I think this blog can do. If you feel this way now that Trump won, I want YOU to know I understand that fear and concern.  I have felt it for the last eight years as what I cared about was degraded and disrespected more and more, so that wearing a cross or a miraculous medal to a public pool or even to a grocery store became a controversial situation.  I have been looked up and down, and sneered at and snorted at by an imam who was in my grocery store to wave his hand over the on sale chicken. (I have no understanding of what he accomplished or disrespect for his prayers.  I do resent being snorted at for possibly my obvious medal. )  But still just being who I am bugs some people.  As fat woman, I know that. As a tall woman, desperately trying to be a normal size, I even knew it.   Now please don’t hate me just because I was one of the about 50 percent in the country who did not vote for Hillary.  She scared me.  I am sorry if you are scared of Trump.  Do not be scared of the rest of the people in this country.   We all want a good country.  We all hope for a good country. We will all watch him, and the rest of the federal government like a hawk.  We must.  We Should.  We will.

I NEED to blog now and blog about my need to survive and thrive despite weighing in at a weight other people would not believe.  Somehow I allowed the anxiety of my concern for the future to block my perception of what was happening with my eating. I gained a lot of weight since I quit writing, which for me is a medical problem.  Getting healthy will require attention, and writing will help it.  It will also require me to stay sane and hopeful in this world slanted against large sized people. Why do we battle people for things that are quite difficult to change, like the religion they were born in, or the obvious issues with obesity they suffer, or even worse, the length and width of the DNA dictated Bone Structure they have.  (You will be okay if you only would lose twenty pounds they told my younger, undernourished to the point of hormonal irregularity self.)  I hope this NEED of mine to write, will help others with their own battles. And I hope it will help me find clothes that fit and chairs that work with my knees.

Honorah Mellarick 2017

Finishing Up on Swim Wear

3-10-16  I do swim every day I can, which is more than five days a week usually.  Having a good swimsuit, that I can put on easily, and looks okay and makes me feel adequate and normal is terribly important.  I am using the Swim and Sweat Krinkle Cloth Chlorine Resitant now.  However, there are many styles at Swimsuits For All, and there are great coupons out there.  Here is a link to coupons for Swimsuits for All.   What I saw was an 80 percent off coupon, which if it works, I am using even if I do not need to order a new suit!  Just because I wear one almost every day.

There is also for some an opportunity to SEW a swimsuit for yourself, having control of both style, sizing, coverage and material.  Whenever I think about sewing I think of this wonderful blogger I follow who writes about learning to sew.  (I will soon figure out how to list the blogs I follow, but this article is special.) Sewing is not something I do much now, but with a little more blog coaching from “Jodi”  in her website “SewFearless”, maybe I will! Blogger Jodi recommended this article by yet another “sewist” on making swimsuits-The Wonderful World of Curvy Swimwear.    The  Curvy Sewing Collective blog is a goldmine for those who find it easy to sew.  For many reasons, I thought I would follow Jodi’s purse sewing instructions someday, or maybe make something for my grand-kids.  Heck the main reason I think about purses, is that sewing for my own body feels too disheartening and risky.  Looking up her blog and the Curvy Collective of Swimwear,  I ran into this  intimate and wonderful post about sewing for her postpartum body a new sweater and not let feelings about size limit her.  It was all about deserving to love and take care of the body we have, without apology or regret.  I found it a very challenging and an inspirational message.  It is exactly the kind of thing I very much want to share with you both for practical help and emotional support in clothing projects.  The article was called “Love Yourself” Linden and contains a link for a very simple but elegant sweater pattern which is not made up in just the classic sweatshirt material but others, such as a quilted jersey that Jodi featured. It seems that much of Jodi’s patterns are bought online, and her material also. I think large men, especially, may be surprised at how quickly they can obtain good fit with a little sewing knowledge, or produce things like shorts or scrub pants, very inexpensively.  A maker talent that expresses itself in woodcraft and other projects, can make a handy fellow a very nice inexpensive cloth item.  Have a good day, and do one thing that makes you feel good about your clothing just because it is Thursday!– HONORAH

Quilted Jersey Linden by Sew Fearless
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