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Siesta Key is a wonderful big beach
Siesta Key is a wonderful big beach

The beach is cool and easy to walk in the morning. What a beach!  Any attire is okay, even street shoes and slacks. Of course it isn’t boiling hot – “just” 70f. The beach people have such strong muscular legs, all of them.

When we sunned enough, we walked the art museum at Ringling galleries. The original paintings donated by the circus magnate came with a requirement that people could view for free once a week. In an ordinary day, the beach would have been enough but I probably walked another 3 miles of gallery trudging and parking lot. I was Art Overdosing!  Reuben and Rembrandt in glorious bright colors and in giant gallery size murals.  Sculptures copied from Europe.  A probably full size copy of Michelangelo’s David in bronze. Seventy three statues on the courtyard rooftop and another maybe hundred in the courtyard.

There were many women painted by the greatest artists ever who will never wear a size twelve, let alone eight, even if they were tiny short. They were generous, beautiful and very sure of their sexuality women – going along with the many athletic statues of men without significant clothing. It was an amazing celebration of the human body and it wasn’t crude or lewd at all. I met a “reader” of this blog in the corner of a Dutch Master room, who gave me her opinion of worries about being heftier than most women of her day. She had loved sitting for her portrait, despite her sore possibly gouty finger.  I think her portrait was done by the Rembrandt company. She whispered a few little comments to me about feeling good about my God given body. I am living a wonderful life -as I am today. I am happy as my friend.

Portrait of a Largely Tested reader at Sarasota's Ringling Art museum
Portrait of a Largely Tested reader at Sarasota’s Ringling Art museum

Author: Honora Mellarick

Honora is a large woman with a large family and she is a pro at buying big shoes and clothes, furniture that endures rowdy big teens, and understands that one size fits mosts probably is not helpful. She writes this blog to encourage people who happen to be in the upper tenth percentile of weight and height. You are outstanding, awesome and wonderful.

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