Big Enough Lego Table

This grownup multi height table works well for Legos
This grownup multi height table works well for Legos

3-12-16  There are so many cute little tables for preschool age grandchildren that cost about fifty to one hundred dollars and would break if my grand kids ever decided to sit on them.  It is just a little more expensive to buy some sturdy school worthy tables and chairs.  Costco has a Lifetime brand 6 foot Adjustable Table with multiple heights. It is more expensive but will work with homework projects in sixth grade, and studying outside in high school, and as a beverage counter at the kid’s graduation party.  It will really last a Lifetime.  Set on a short height, this table works perfect with small chairs, especially the Costco Lifetime nursery school chairs .  Online you can only buy these chairs by the hundredfold, for your preschool franchise or school district.  In August and September, these chairs appear in the local store and can be found in many bright colors beside white.  White blends well in the adult space this kid work-space shares. What a Lego collection and what great stuff  busy tall boys are able to build, and care for responsibly. Walmart has a lighter 4 foot Folding Adjustable Folding in Half Table for less than 40 dollars online.  (Fifty bucks is free shipping for Walmart.)  I am not sure this will last through high school, but it is much
Walmart’s Lifetime 4′ Fold-In-Half Adjustable Table, White Granite

cheaper, and lighter and easier to store or drive away. It surfaced on a family camping trip. Walmart has too many chairs online for kids, but none I saw that were a bargain. They were expensive but made poorly.  Most would tip a heavy  or taller child, or not last.  A young child needs a chair that will take awkward tipping as they are just learning to sit still and stay in those chairs.  The older kids sit in crazy ways, so a cheap chair is not only frustrating but will be thrown out after the cuts, bruises and maybe stitches. Remember you want to buy a fairly large chair for a taller toddler, because he or she will soon be a tall preschooler.    A nursery school teacher can help recommend the height of a chair, but as a Grandma I say go for the bigger height.  A few years ago I bought a great stacking plastic chairs from Walmart with a wide base that wouldn’t tip for less than six dollars a chair.  They had a lot of use and stack well.  A real asset when grandma is trying to feed her young guests around the coffee table.  Walmart no longer has such an inexpensive wonder chair in their large lineup of kid junk furniture anymore. When I find it, or a replacement, I will recommend it to you but not one of the dozens of chairs they sell are worth it at this time.

FÄRGGLAD Children's chair IKEA Stackable.  Saves space when not in use.
Ikea’s Fargglad Child Chair has possibilites at $15

Ikea chairs are mostly kind of small for the kids I love, this Fargglad chair has possibilities. — HONORAH

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